Estate Planning

For most of us, there's nothing quite as important as family. We work hard and set aside money in order to share a comfortable life with our loved ones.

But have you ever considered what they would do if you weren't around? Do you know how much your life insurance will provide for them? Would taxes reduce a majority of your assets and savings? Did you know that in order to transfer your wealth, you must do more than create a will?

Create a Plan
Providing for your loved ones - which entails everything from attaining life insurance to setting up an estate plan to having a team of professionals in place - can be a overwhelming task. It's an emotional choice, and one that's not easy to discuss. Furthermore, we always think "there's plenty of time." But with so many parts to consider, it's essential to get started today. Besides, it's not only protecting your loved ones after your death, it's also important if you were to become incapacitated and couldn't make financial decisions.

What exactly should you be thinking about?

  • Selecting life insurance
  • Reducing your tax bill
  • Appropriate titling of assets
  • Designating beneficiaries
  • Preparing a will
  • Drafting a living trust
  • Creating durable power of attorney (general and healthcare)
  • Leaving a legacy

Reviewing Your Needs
Once you have a plan, you're not necessarily done. You'll want to assess it every 3-5 years as your lifestyle and financial situation changes with time. You might have a new child, a change in health conditions, an increase in net worth, or you might want to modify your plan based on external conditions, such as new tax laws. Like other financial instruments, it's important to actively review your needs and manage your allocations.

Getting Started
Because providing for your loved ones is very personal, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. But we can assist you by recognizing your needs and putting together the parts that can help protect you, your assets and, most important, your loved ones.

To learn how Warren Wealth Management can help you create an estate planning team, please visit our contact page. We'll not only talk to you one-on-one about your needs, we'll also offer a complimentary personal investment review.

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